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Mosimane questions Caf motive to implement African Super League

Al Ahly’s Mosimane questions Caf motive to implement African Super League

The 57-year-old South African speaks his mind on the decision by the African body’s to launch an extra competition for clubs in Africa

Al Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane has admitted he is not aware of how the African Super League being spearheaded by Caf will work.

During the just-concluded 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, Caf president Patrice Motsepe invited 40 clubs to discuss the Super League and they scheduled the kick-off date in September 2023.

The Super League will revolve around at least 24 teams from Africa but the 57-year-old Mosimane, who has enjoyed great success since joining the Egyptian giants on September 30, 2020, is not sure where and how Caf will slot in the competition.

‘I would love to know’

“You ask yourself what’s going to happen with the Caf Super League. I mean, I’m so much interested, I would love to know, I need somebody to explain to me the Super League, maybe you guys know and send me something that the Super League is about,” Mosimane told journalists of the South African Football Journalist Association as quoted by Idiskitimes.

“Because I think we have to play this thing. But I don’t know when and how you’re going to play it. I don’t know the format. If you say to me, put the Super League this year, this season, where do you want to put it?

“With a Fifa Arab Cup, one month, Caf Champions League, one month, World Cup, 15 days, half a month and the league. Where are you going to put it? So it’s interesting.

“I understand there is a lot of financial spin-offs, and I think it’s always also good to see the big teams playing against each other, but what is the format? What’s going to happen to the travelling?”

Mosimane has further questioned how participating clubs will travel to honour their fixtures.

‘It is not going to be easy’

“Is South African teams, or are the teams in the Sadc going to be having trouble to travel because the teams are in North Africa. Raja is here, Wydad is here, Al Ahly is here, Zamalek is here, Esperance is here, Sfaxien is here. Setif is back now, you have JS Kabele. The teams are in North Africa,” Mosimane continued.

“I mean those eight teams in those eight countries they should be there. And if it’s a 16 team [competition], half the teams are in North Africa and how they’re gonna travel now, there will be on the flight.

“We’re fortunate at Al Ahly, we travel with our own aircraft. At Sundowns I travel with everybody. So it’s tough. It’s not going to be easy for them also.”

On the tournament’s format, Mosimane feels his former club Mamelodi Sundowns will have an advantage.

What will be the format?

“How is going to be the format? And you if you saying It’s regional, I don’t know, then I think the scales are different, then Sundowns has an advantage because they are the powerhouses in Sadc,” said Mosimane.

“So it’s nice, let them come with the big boys here. Let’s rub shoulders with them, put them in a group with us and Zamalek and Wydad and Esperance, let’s see – then that’s the Super League.

“But if they’re going with the idea, they are going to represent Sadc, it’s like when you go to the [Club] World Cup. “The team from Australia will make the [Club] World Cup 100% because from that continent, they will make the cup. It’s Europe, Africa and Asia, and CONMEBOL that has tough leagues.

“There’s a team in New Zealand that this boy was, I had to play at Mamelodi Sundowns from Australia, the Argentinian. I think he’s played maybe in eight [Club] World Cup tournaments because they’re the only team in Australia, they play Fiji and what, what. There’s no football there.

“So I don’t know how the Super League is going to happen.”


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