Ligue 1

EST vs USMo: (2-0) A Perfectly Controlled Victory

Oussama Bouguerra against US Monastir on October 7, 2023 in Radès. (Photo
Oussama Bouguerra against US Monastir on October 7, 2023 in Radès. (Photo


On a memorable night at the Stade de Radès, Espérance de Tunis secured a decisive victory against US Monastir on matchday 9 of the Ligue 1 playoffs, clinching the Tunisian league title for the season. This victory, the club's 33rd title in history, was marked by a display of mastery and confidence from the Blood and Gold.

From the start of the match, both teams were cautious, testing the waters before launching into more daring attacks. However, Espérance quickly showed assurance and confidence in their abilities. In the 21st minute, a superbly executed corner by Raed Bouchniba allowed Rodrigo Rodrigues to place an unstoppable cross-header past the helpless goalkeeper Ahmed Slimane. This first goal livened up the game and the intensity of the match.

Three minutes later, in the 24th minute, the pace quickened. Bouguerra tried his luck with a powerful shot that Slimane deflected into a corner with difficulty, narrowly avoiding a second quick goal. Espérance then took control of the game, clearly dominating the first half. This domination was reflected in their calm and composed play, particularly evident in their ball control and management of the strong moments. At half-time, the score of 1-0 in Espérance's favor seemed perfectly logical and deserved.

The second half continued in the same vein. In the 66th minute, Rodrigues scored the second goal, concretizing Espérance's supremacy on the pitch. This goal confirmed what everyone was beginning to feel: victory could no longer escape the Blood and Gold tonight. A few minutes later, in the 71st minute, a shot from Ayeb hit the post, narrowly missing adding a third goal to Espérance's tally.

The match ended in a well-deserved 2-0 victory for Espérance de Tunis. This victory not only secured the Tunisian league title for this season, but also reinforced the club's historic position with its 33rd title. The players, staff and supporters can be proud of this exceptional performance which crowns a season of hard work and dedication. Congratulations to Espérance de Tunis for this new feat in Tunisian football history!

EST Lineup: Ben Chérifia(c), Ben Ali, Bouchniba (Majhed 63'), Meriah, Tougaî, Aholou, Ayeb (Derbali 82'), Tka, Sasse (Ghacha 82'), Bouguerra (Ben Hammouda 88') and Rodrigues (Ogbelu 88').
Yellow Card: Ayeb.