CAFCL 2024

Cardoso: "Tomorrow, we will all be winners"

Coach Miguel Cardoso at a pre-Champions League match press conference. (Photo Taraji+)
Coach Miguel Cardoso at a pre-Champions League match press conference. (Photo Taraji+)


On the eve of the CAF Champions League return leg against Al Ahly, Espérance de Tunis coach Miguel Cardoso delivered a speech to remobilize his troops, advocating selflessness and confidence in his players.

It was a determined and lucid Miguel Cardoso who appeared before the press on Friday, on the eve of the crucial match between Espérance de Tunis and Al Ahly for the African Champions League title. Despite the draw in the first leg (0-0), the Portuguese coach was keen to emphasize his pride in his players and the excellent performance of his team: "We are proud of our journey so far. Whatever the outcome of tomorrow's match, there will be two great teams who have had a very good run. In my opinion, we will both be winners."

Steely mentality for a titanic battle

Aware of the difficulty of the task awaiting his players against an opponent of Al Ahly's caliber, Cardoso called on his troops to surpass themselves and give their all to bring the trophy back to Tunis: "We will surpass ourselves, we will fight until the end to try to win the match and win this Champions League and bring honor to the club."

A dream becomes an objective within reach

For Cardoso, this final is the culmination of a long journey and a shared dream with his players: "Our dream, which has become an objective, is coming true. Tomorrow, we have to focus on what we are capable of doing. Of course, we have studied our opponent's game and potential well. We respect them a lot. But the respect we have for Al Ahly, we also have for ourselves. That's why, with my players, we have prepared well for tomorrow's match."

Total confidence in his players

Since his arrival at the head of Espérance, Cardoso has never ceased to show his confidence in his players. A confidence that has only grown over time and with success: "I have believed in my players since I arrived at the club. Over time, they have progressed well thanks to the hard work they put in. Today, they are in the final, they know what is expected of them and that they have to surpass themselves more than ever. If the desire and the heart are there on the day of the match, we will probably be the winners."

A strong and unifying message from a coach who believes wholeheartedly in his men. Words that should galvanize the Blood and Gold players and give them the weapons they need to lift the coveted CAF Champions League trophy.

Rendezvous tomorrow night for an epic final!