CAFCL 2024

EST - MSFC: Miguel Cardoso Galvanizes His Troops Ahead of Crucial Clash

The coach Miguel Cardoso at the pre-match press conference (Photo Taraji+)
The coach Miguel Cardoso at the pre-match press conference (Photo Taraji+)


Portuguese coach Miguel Cardoso delivered a motivational speech on the eve of the crucial CAF Champions League semi-final first leg against Mamelodi Sundowns, scheduled for tomorrow night at the Stade de Radès.

After an exceptional run that has led them to the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League, Espérance de Tunis is set to face a new challenge: Mamelodi Sundowns, one of the powerhouses of African football. On the eve of this historic encounter, coach Miguel Cardoso was keen to galvanize his troops at the pre-match press conference.

"We've come a long way to get here, and now it's time for the truth," Cardoso said from the outset. "This is an important occasion for the club, and it is our duty, players, staff and fans, to be present and give our all."

For the Portuguese tactician, it is a unique opportunity for his players to make history: "It's simple, every coach and every player dreams of playing such a match in their career. It's good to be here, but the most important thing is to succeed and get through this stage."

Cardoso then spoke about his team's preparation for this decisive match: "Tomorrow at kick-off, we'll be ready, that's for sure. We've put in place a plan to counter the opponent and develop our own game. The team is in good spirits and prepared to excel."

Aware of the difficulty of the task ahead, Cardoso played down the importance of the result in this first leg: "We'll be playing against one of the four best teams in Africa this year, so the result is unpredictable in advance. Perhaps everything will come down to a small detail."

He added: "It will be a different match from any we've played so far. It's up to us to show what we're really made of. What we're looking for, of course, is to be the best over the two legs to make it to the final."

Cardoso's message is clear: Espérance de Tunis is determined to write a new page in its glorious history. With the support of its fans, the Blood and Gold club has all the weapons to overcome Mamelodi Sundowns and claim a coveted place in the Champions League final.