CAFCL 2024

EST - MSFC: Blood and Gold Players Fired Up Ahead of Crucial Clash

Zakaria Ayeb, the Blood and Gold midfielder, at the pre-match press conference (Photo Taraji+)
Zakaria Ayeb, the Blood and Gold midfielder, at the pre-match press conference (Photo Taraji+)


On the eve of the crucial CAF Champions League semi-final first leg against Mamelodi Sundowns, Espérance de Tunis players exuded confidence and determination during their press conference. Zakaria Ayeb, Oussama Bouguerra, and Yassine Meriah all expressed their belief in their chances of victory and their desire to make their fans happy.

Zakaria Ayeb: "We're Ready and Determined to Decide the Semi-Final in the First Leg"

The Espérance midfielder spoke about the meticulous preparation for the match and their thorough knowledge of their opponents: "We've prepared well for our semi-final match tomorrow. We hope to be at 100%. We've studied our opponents well and know their strengths and weaknesses perfectly."

Keen to avoid repeating the mistakes of the last match, Ayeb stressed the importance of concentration: "Against Monastir, we were good, but a defensive error at the end of the match led to a killer goal. We've worked on that and will make sure it doesn't happen again."

Finally, he thanked the fans for their support and promised to do everything to make them proud: "We've heard the message from the fans and we'll make sure it's our motto tomorrow night. We'll do everything to make them happy. We'd like to seal the fate of the semi-final in the first leg here in Radès, ideally."

Oussama Bouguerra: "The Champions League is a Major Objective for Us, We're Fully Focused on It"

"It's the culmination of a year of hard work and preparation," Bouguerra said. "It's up to us to be ready for this historic moment. The Champions League is a major objective for us this year, so we're fully focused on it."

The Espérance forward also spoke about the importance of fan support: "We've prepared well and hope to please our fans who will come out in large numbers to support us. The motivation is high, as we're one step away from the continental final."

Yassine Meriah: "Sundowns Holds No Secrets for Us, It's Up to Us to Put It All into Practice on the Pitch"

"The match will be high-paced given the stakes and the quality of the two teams," Meriah said. "We hope to be ready and realistic. The semi-final will be played over two legs, we will try to have a good first leg here to make the return leg in Pretoria easier for us."

The Espérance defender also spoke about his team's good preparation: "Sundowns holds no secrets for us, we've prepared every detail. It's up to us to put it all into practice on the pitch."

Finally, Meriah thanked the fans for their support: "The fans will push us for 90 minutes so that we can give our best, it's up to us to make sure they're happy and proud of us."

These are words full of wisdom and experience from the international defender. Meriah knows that the key to success lies in a good start to the match and a rigorous application of the coach's instructions. With his leadership and experience, he will be a valuable asset to his team tomorrow night.

All the Espérance de Tunis players have shown great confidence and determination ahead of this crucial match. They know the stakes are high, but they are ready to rise to the challenge and write a new page in their club's history.

Rendezvous tomorrow night at the Stade de Radès for a thrilling evening!